Fostering Supplies

If you’re new to fostering, start with the basics. Click on the links to start shopping!


Canned Food

A high quality, age-appropriate wet food.

Dry Food

Grain-free dry food for supplemental feeding.

Food and Water Dishes

Something wide, shallow, and easy to clean.

Litter Box and Scoop

Here’s a kitten-sized box, too!

Pellet Litter

Unscented and non-clumping. Can also be found at Tractor Supply for $6!


Something warm and snuggly.

Kitten Formula

For kittens 0-5 weeks old.

Soft-Sided Playpen

A great starter option to keep smaller kittens safe contained.

Feeding Bottle

For kittens 0-5 weeks old.

Snuggle Safe

A kitten-safe heat source.

Unscented Soap

For the inevitable butt-bath.


Add to your laundry machine when washing foster supplies. You can also dilute it to spray and rinse on foster supplies between groups.

Health and Enrichment

Snuggle Kitty

Simulates the presence of a mother cat. It’s a wonderful option for single kittens.

Churu Treats

A great way to entice undersocialized felines.


So important for gut health! If your foster is taking an antibiotic, please chat with your vet about when to give probiotics.


Great to have on hand for cats with upper-respiratory infections.

Cat Beds

An upgrade from simple blankets, once the kitten is old enough to crawl in and out on their own.

Cleaning and Organizing

Rescue Disinfectant

A one-step, insanely strong disinfectant.

Spray Bottles

Great for whatever disinfectant you use!

Mini Fridge

To keep all food and medications separate from your resident pets.

Plastic Playpen

An upgrade for kittens who are ready for more space, especially if you don’t have a foster-specific room in your home.

Under-Door Draft-Stopper

Great for putting an end to foster-resident bean swapping!

Tiny But Mighty

Each group of fosters will present new challenges, so I highly recommend having this reference book on hand!

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